UPDATED: March 8h 2021

All policies are within BEF guidelines, for up-to-date guidance and more detail please go to:

XC schooling complex will be open 29th March.
Show jumping schooling will be open 29th March.

Sport England states, “Riders are now permitted to transport horses to a venue for an individual lesson or facility hire outdoors. Those involved in travelling to or from a venue must all be from the same household. Venues should conduct full risk assessments and ensure that the required public health, hygiene and social distancing measures are implemented effectively”.

Group sizes are currently limited to 6, including the coach or trainer in line with government restrictions.

Like golf courses, we are still allowing multiple groups on course, our maximum is currently 8 riders. The 8 riders must be in groups of 6 or less.

For example; A group of 3 can use the facility whilst another group of 5 use the facility in the same session. As long as the groups stay independent of one another.

All bookings and payments to be made online at Issued vouchers will be valid for use.

How are we going to achieve this safely?

· Each booking will last an hour.
· Strict timekeeping must be adhered to.
· We will not be offering group discounts.
· We will allow sufficient space within the parking areas to maintain social distancing.
· We will restrict numbers of people on site.
· We will provide sufficient hand washing facilities.
· We will restrict the use of our toilet facilities. A door code will be provided for those that need it.
· The facility will be monitored by CCTV.

How are you going to achieve this safely?

· You will maintain current social distancing and hygiene practices.
· You will follow current government guidelines.
· You will not enter the arenas before the start of your allocated time and leave promptly at the end.
· You may meet with one other from outside your household who may be a coach or other participant, provided that the appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices are observed.
· You will ensure that any person touching or altering a fence is wearing gloves.
· You will not bring spectators, only essential help.
· You need to consider the risk of your activity and ride/exercise where it is safe to do so and within your capabilities and fitness levels for you and your horse.
· Hickstead’s existing rules must be strictly obeyed.m