Largest all-weather facility in the south

The Equine America Arena

  • 130m x 70m
  • Andrews Bowen Prowax surface

The Airowear

  • 90m x 60m
  • Andrews Bowen Prowax surface

The Equine America Water Complex

  • 65m x 45m area
  • 40m x 20m water
  • Equestrian stone jumping surface

Cross-country obstacles, from 60cm to advanced

60cm to 80 cm  – Fences up to 80cm will have a purple marker

90 cm  – Fences up to 90cm will have an orange marker

100 cm  – Fences up to 100cm will have a pink marker

105 cm  – Fences up to 105cm will have a yellow marker

Advanced  – Fences over 105cm will have a green marker

Opening hours

October 1st – 26th: 0800 – 1700

October 27th – 31st: 0800 – 1600 (Clocks change)

November: 0800 – 1500

December: 0900 – 1500

CLOSED December 24th 25th 26th

January: 0900 – 1500

February: 0800 – 1600

March 1st – 30th: 0800 – 1700

March 31st: 0800 – 1800 (Clocks change)

April 0800 – 1800

Andrews Bowen 2012 mix plus

Andrews Bowen 2012 mix, the most scientifically researched surface, was developed specifically for the London 2012 Olympics. The surface is proven for the full range of Olympic and Paralympic disciplines and endorsed by the FEI. The 2012 mix is a very hard wearing surface and capable of supporting the highest levels of equestrian competition indoors and out.
The 2012 mix is made from multi-washed silica sand, three types of polypropylene fibre and a synthetic binder, delivering a huge step forward in performance surface technology.
Lars Roepstorff, professor in equine functional anatomy at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, has been carrying out research on the properties of equestrian surfaces around the world as part of a long-term scientific footing study for the FEI. He considered the London 2012 footing – on Andrews Bowen surfaces – to be amongst the best and particularly the most consistent he has worked on.